Exodus 28:31 - Ellicott's Commentary On The Whole Bible

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(31-35) The “robe of the ephod” was a frock or tunic, reaching from the neck to below the knees. It was put on over the head, for which a hole was left (Exodus 28:32). Josephus says that it had no sleeves; and it would seem that the upper portion, above the waist, was wholly, or almost wholly, concealed by the ephod and breastplate; but the lower portion, from the waist downwards, formed the outer dress of the high priest, and was conspicuous. The plain blue contrasted well with the variegated ephod and the sparkling breastplate. The robe had no ornament excepting round the bottom, where it was fringed with alternate bells and pomegranates. The pomegranates were a decoration, and nothing more; but the bells served a purpose, which is explained in Exodus 28:35.

Exodus 28:31-35

31 And thou shalt make the robe of the ephod all of blue.

32 And there shall be an hole in the top of it, in the midst thereof: it shall have a binding of woven work round about the hole of it, as it were the hole of an habergeon, that it be not rent.

33 And beneath upon the hemc of it thou shalt make pomegranates of blue, and of purple, and of scarlet, round about the hem thereof; and bells of gold between them round about:

34 A golden bell and a pomegranate, a golden bell and a pomegranate, upon the hem of the robe round about.

35 And it shall be upon Aaron to minister: and his sound shall be heard when he goeth in unto the holy place before the LORD, and when he cometh out, that he die not.