Colossians Introduction - L. M. Grant's Commentary on the Bible

Bible Comments
  • This epistle, while having much in common with Ephesians, does not consider saints as seated in heavenly places in Christ. It does insist on the believer having died and risen with Christ, but as walking through the world in the power of that precious resurrection life. All fitness of provision is made for him in the Person of Christ to sustain and preserve him in all the wilderness path. The Headship of Christ is seen in contrast to seducing influences of philosophy on the one hand and mysticism on the other -- dangers to which the Colossians had been exposed and against which they are warned. While Ephesians emphasizes our being "in Christ," Colossians presses home the truth of "Christ in you, the hope of glory" (ch.1:27).

    The New King James Version of Scripture is used in this commentary, except in a few cases where another version may be used, perhaps the excellent translation of J.N.Darby, which is indicated by the initials JND.