Nahum 1:2 - Coke's Commentary on the Holy Bible

Bible Comments

God is jealous, &c.— This and the following verses, to the eighth, are a preamble, like that of many others in the Prophets, to prepare the mind of the reader, and to impress upon him sentiments of respect and fear. As God is very jealous of his honour, so will he not fail to execute his judgments on those who affront and dishonour him; and though he does not always punish impenitent sinners immediately, yet he will not fail in due time to execute his severity upon them. The repetition of the word revengeth denotes not only the greatness of the divine anger, but the certainty of the punishment. The reader will observe, that many of the ideas in the following verses are taken from the description of the Almighty's descent on mount Sinai.

Nahum 1:2

2 Goda is jealous, and the LORD revengeth; the LORD revengeth, and is furious; the LORD will take vengeance on his adversaries, and he reserveth wrath for his enemies.