Zephaniah Introduction - Sutcliffe's Commentary on the Old and New Testaments

Bible Comments

    THE genealogy here given, designates the noble line of Zephaniah's descent. Others say, that the names enumerated were all prophets. It is inferred however, that he began to prophesy before the eighteenth year of Josiah, because he reproves idolatry and the grossest of crimes, as generally existing in the land, vices which had predominated in the reign of Manasseh. 2 Kings 22:3; 2 Kings 22:13. He foretold the destruction of Nineveh, which fell in the twenty ninth year of Josiah, according to our Prideaux. He was contemporary with Jeremiah, in the younger years of that weeping prophet, and his work has been regarded as an epitome of all that his survivor lived to enforce. Chronology has placed the commencement of his ministry six hundred and thirty seven years before the birth of Christ.